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Greenlife Water’s EQ-300 Water Filtration System is a complete eco-friendly whole home water filter which efficiently and affordably distributes clean water.

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Mar072013   Posted By NarmadhaMississauga, Ontario


We signed up yesterday. The difference is noticeable and I think we'll get our moneys worth.

Jan252013   Posted By adminToronto, Canada

RE: Pretty decent

Hello Gibril,

I didn't want you to go too long without an answer so to answer your question: From the conversations I've had with people, they deliver your replacement filters to you for free anywhere in Canada. I think that's part of their value proposition.


Jan182013   Posted By Gibril RobinsonKitchener, Ontario

Pretty decent

I got the big filter that filters ever tap, it's pretty solid. I got a question but I'm too lazy to call: do I have to buy the replacement filters for this thing?

Thanks bruhs.

Dec192012   Posted By Dick MaloneMilton, ON


@Johnny Drama: “for the amount you pay you could just buy a filter for good”. Seriously? Same goes for a house, a car, etc etc. That’s WHY renting exists. I’m considering renting a water filter. The alternative is paying thousands of dollars upfront to own the unit (money I do not have).

Dec192012   Posted By Johnny DramaOttawa, On

This is dumb

Renting these things is stupid. For the amount you pay you could just buy a filter for good. I think whole home water filters work, but renting them doesn't make sense.

Response: Johnny, thank you for your comments. We offer a rental program for our whole home water filtration systems in order to make pure, healthy drinking water more accessible and budget-friendly. The rental program includes free installation, free yearly filter replacement, free maintenance on the system, and a full satisfaction guarantee. Many of our customers find the convenience and low-monthly fee of our rental program to be a great deal.

Dec122012   Posted By steveBradford, Ont

woth the fee

sales rep came to the door and explained all the benifets of this unit.after doing some research i agreed to the rental fee and had it may buy from the internet direct but after unit cost and plumber ($$$lol) renting is the same price for the first 5 years (roughley 2000.00)which is the length of the contract.after that its cheaper to buy the units main filter (500-700)instead off signing for another 5 years (2000.00) for the free replacment as the plumbing is already done for you!

Dec102012   Posted By Diane S.Toronto, ON

Not Too Good To Be True

I just got my yearly filter change and was asked to leave some feedback and thought I should.

Same time last year a young man came to my door, he did a decent job explaining things. It to me at the time sounded too good to be true but since everyone was doing it, I thought why not. I'm glad I did it because I've never been more comfortable with tap water. I feel like I trust it more when it hits my face in the shower. I can't explain it. I just trust it more, so much I feel I could almost drink it. Almost but I'm not quite there. For me everything else, especially the not-gagging over strong rotten eggs smells coming from the tap every morning when I brush my teeth and wash my face, is well worth the $1 I spend a day. Both my sisters have it and they are drinking the tap water!!!

Nov262012   Posted By JeffToronto, Ontario

I have the GLW filter

I live in the Toronto area and have the EQ-500 water filter. It runs me just under $40 a month in rental fees. From what I read whole house water filters reduce wear and tear on other water using appliances. Between that and the fact the water tastes better (which means I buy less water bottles) I think I'm getting my money's worth. I sound like a walking advertisement, green life water better damn well pay me for this positive review! LOL.

Nov192012   Posted By Quinn HinsleyKitchener, Ontario


I've seen these guys going door to door in my neighborhood. Does anyone have an idea of their prices?

Nov162012   Posted By Sara

EQ-1000 Water Filtration

I am not on well water, but use their filtration systems anyway. Maybe it's just me, but I think they make the water taste better :). But in all seriousness all water has some bacteria in it- usually it is not harmful but occasionally it can be. I prefer to play it safe and filter my water. My friend referred me and I've been pretty happy with my water filter since then.

4.2 5.0 41 41 I've had this system for over three years now and I love this filter - best tasting water ever. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Can't beat the price compared to bottled wa homepage

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