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Greenlife Water’s EQ-300 Water Filtration System is a complete eco-friendly whole home water filter which efficiently and affordably distributes clean water.

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Sep112013   Posted By BarbaraOttawa, ON

Rejected review

I just want to say that my review was not posted here. I guess they rejected it because it was not very positive one and it would lower the average. I talked to some people who also experienced rude sale person visit from GLW, so my opinion was not isolated. I think the product itself is not worth attention. People research before you get involved!
Let see if my review will be attached this time. If not ... well another proof that company is not honest.

Response: Thank you for your note, Barbara. We appreciate your feedback. It does take us some time to get reviews posted, and we apologize for the delay in posting your review.

Sep112013   Posted By BillOttawa, Ont

Waste of Time

Sales rep looked like homeless person , could hardly understand his english.

Started with he was to test the water by the City then the condo association , then well its about a filter.

Response: Bill, thank you for your comment. We’re sorry that you did not experience the kind of service that we expect from our representatives. Perhaps we can clear up the misunderstanding regarding water testing. In order to recommend the best water filtration solution for your home, we start with a water quality assessment. Water quality levels differ from one municipality to the next and it’s important to determine what contaminants (if any) exist at your local level. Once we know your water quality, we can recommend a water filtration system that is right for you.

Aug162013   Posted By HappyMomRichmond Hill, ON

Water has too many bubbles

We just installed, but I have a question: why the water coming from tap is not clear, have to wait for several seconds, all bubbles gone, is it normal or our filter doesn't work properly? We had a reverse osmosis filter system installed under sink, the water from there is clear.

Jul192013   Posted By lnsanltyMarkham, Ontario


I'm all against bottle water, it makes me more thirsty after drinking a bottle!! I love this filter and my eyes don't burn when I open it in the showers any more.
I was skeptical of the salesmen at first but it was totally worth it in the end...

Jul062013   Posted By MonaBrampton, Ontario

Wow: $2/day

All I have to say is I'm very impressed with this filter. I live in Brampton and 3 days ago a guy from Greenlife Water came to my door to offer doing an assessment for my water meter. I was skeptical because he said I didn't have to buy the filter because its been provided now for home like the water heater. So I let him in and hear him out, my husband and I discussed about whole home filter for awhile now but we didn't have $7500.00 to buy the system.

So when I heard $2 a day, I loved it immediately. My daughter has asthma and dry itchy skin and she swore she can feel the different after shower.

It's amazing and worth every dimes. I live in cresthaven area, so if you are near and want the filter you can contact me I'll do the referral so we can have 1 month free rent.

Jun122013   Posted By ErinRenfrew, ON

Horrible sales people

Very unhappy with the sales person who came to my door today. I don't know anything about your product, but with sales people like that, I don't care what you're selling. He was quite intimidating to be honest and tried to make me feel like I had to let him in to my house. I refused of course because I don't invite total strangers into my home. He also refused to admit that it was a 'sales call' even though the end result is you 'renting' a filtration system. Splitting hairs is not going to win me over. I will never 'rent' this system and any future sales people will be asked to leave my property promptly.

Response: Erin, we greatly appreciate your feedback. We’re disappointed that you did not receive the level of service that we expect from our sales representatives. Conducting a water quality assessment for your home is essential to determining the best water filtration system for your needs; however, this experience should never be as you’ve described---and for that we are sorry. We’ve helped thousands of satisfied customers in Canada get pure drinking water to their home and we’d love the opportunity to earn your business.

May142013   Posted By LindaAjax, ON

Should I let him in?

I strongly doubt this will get published but maybe if it does it will prove this is a good company. A young man just came to my door asking to check the water main to see if there is a filter system in place. Through all my questions he continued to make this filter sound 'FREE'... so maybe his checking it was free but from there I'm sure he would have a filter to sell. What upset me the most was that he just assumed since this was free that I would let him into my house --- of course everyone else on the street has, so he says. I am female and single, not interested in letting him in. He didn't seem to understand this ... really??? in todays day and age I should just let a stranger with a badge from a company I've never heard of come in to see if I need a filter that is being provided for FREE?

Response: Linda, thank you for bringing to our attention. We apologize for any inconvenience that we may have caused you and for the miscommunication about our water filtration system rental offer from our sales representative. While our water filtration system rentals are not free, there are no upfront costs. Additionally, all maintenance (such as filter replacements and general system maintenance) is included in the low-monthly fee.
Above all else, we train our sales staff to be kind, informative, and courteous. We are disappointed that you did not receive the level of service we expect from all of our representatives. If you are interested, we’d love to have the opportunity to discuss your experience so that we may provide better service to our potential customers in the future.

May132013   Posted By Mrs MahEtobicoke, ON

My hair grew back nice and full

I've had the filter for almost 2 years with out issues. My hair was thinning in the front and now it's full of hair. N more scalp. I used to want to cry, and have cried when I got ready for work in the mornings and lost a lot of confidence. Thinning hair was my worst fear and the filter saved me. The sales person should have told me about the benefits for those with hair loss. Imagine if I didn't get it? I see a lot of women and men suffering from the same thing since I've moved to this country. Its the chemicals in the water not hereditary. Thank you Greenlife Water, I recommend you to everyone.

Apr232013   Posted By Goleafsgo123Toronto, Ontario


I used to work at GLW also and I must agree it is a legit company. I wasn't the greatest at the door too door sales idea. And it's commission based so I only lasted a few months . It is a 5 year "term" at around 36$ a month. The filter costs around 2000$ to the company too install and maintain, etc. so GLW doesn't actually profit until the 5th year. Sounds crazy but it's true. The product itself is great. Fresh, clean water, for drinking and showering. No lime build up in your appliances. If I owned a house I would truly get this product. I recommend it to any homeowner especially those in rural areas.

Apr202013   Posted By Thatguy86Toronto, On

Glw filter

I use to work for green life water but I wasn't keen on knocking on doors. But what I can say is that product is 100% legit . It's runs just over a dollar a day ( which covers any maintenance) plus you get the free filter every year. I wouldn't listen too any articles about it being a scam or stuff like that. If I owned a home I wild definitely rent one. Reverse osmosis actually takes out the nutrients bodies need, and softeners run about 10 G's. so the EQ-500 is a safe bet for sure

4.2 5.0 41 41 I've had this system for over three years now and I love this filter - best tasting water ever. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Can't beat the price compared to bottled wa homepage

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