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Greenlife Water Reviews

Greenlife Water’s EQ-300 Water Filtration System is a complete eco-friendly whole home water filter which efficiently and affordably distributes clean water.

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May142014   Posted By Elizabeth CabralMilton, On

Good job

The filter is good

I can see why they are on the top 10 fastest growing companies in Canada. I've done my diligent research and for those people who called it a scam, I truly feel sorry for you guys and your ignorance (just google what's in your tap water and you'll see what I mean)

My daughter has severe dry skin and this filter helps, plus a significant calcium reduction. I bare clean my kettle anymore.

My family's health comes first, and we don't buy bottled water anymore. My kids love tap water now.

I'd recommend it for anyone I know.

May082014   Posted By Susan LeeGeorgetown, On

I'm loving it!

I love it, I see significant reduction of calcium in our hard water. I was thinking of buying a softener but now I don't have to anymore. This is one of the best decisions my husband has ever made for our family.

The only thing I don't like about it is the cloudy water, I've got to set it aside for 30s for it to clear up. Hopefully it'll go away after a few weeks. I'd recommend this for anyone who wants to have healthy water.

May032014   Posted By Sandy LSt. Catharines, On

Good job

It does the job at a decent price. I'd rather pay for this than bottled water.

Apr242014   Posted By Laura YipMarkham, On

Loved it

This filter works great. I loved it. I'd recommended for anyone who want healthier water.

Apr192014   Posted By George McPhersonNewmarket, On

Excellent quality

My son has eczema and we can see it's shrinking, this filter is good for the affordable price.

Apr182014   Posted By Joseph StantonGeorgetown, On

I liked it

I've got the filter for over a month and my family loved it. We moved from Mississauga to Georgetown 2 years ago and we didn't like the water here, it's very hard and tastes bad. The filter definitely does its job.

Sure, we had to cut back a movie's night but it's worth it. We are paying $34.95 a month and we are happy.

Apr162014   Posted By PaulineMilton, On

Great filter

I got my filter because my neighbour got it.

This filter works like they said, I've read lots of accusations online about this company, those who called it scams, I bet my life that you guys don't have the filter.

The only thing I didn't like about this company is their sale tactics, but then again if they came to my door and say "hey, do you want to rent a filter from us?" I would probably shut my door and won't listen.

Over all, my neighbour and I are glad we got this filter.

The sale rep was very pleasant and she explained everything thoroughly to us too.

Apr082014   Posted By PatriciaBarrie, Ontario

Good value product

I live in a new subdivision of Barrie where we " supposed" to get water from a new treatment plant and it's. "Supposed " to give us better water quality. .... Surprise , surprise, the city water was crappy and stinky in our house, even our dog won't drink tap water.

After I got my filter the tap water taste amazing , little bit of sweetness . I love it.

Overall it's a good product for a good price.

The only thing I don't like is the water is a little cloudy , I had to set it aside for 10s for it to clear up before drinking.

I've got it for 4 days and so far so good.

Mar282014   Posted By JoshuaBrooklin/Whitby, Ontario

Great product

I got my filter 3 days ago and we loved it. My neighbour got it last year and ever since I've been waiting for them to come back to do the assessment for my home and they finally came .

I hate the water here, it smells bad and has an earthly taste which is disgusting but after they installed the filter I can taste the different immediately.

I wish it can be cheaper but I really don't mind paying $40.00/month for the health of my family.

Feb192014   Posted By AhmerAjax, Ontario

Soft Water Taste

I am thinking to get water Softner from greenlife but not sure if its will make an impoact on my water taste?
Can any one share theer experince with Soft water and its taste?

4.2 5.0 39 39 The filter is good I can see why they are on the top 10 fastest growing companies in Canada. I've done my diligent research and for those people who called it a scam, I truly f homepage

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